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Creating great communications starts with establishing an honest working relationship. Chey listens carefully to her clients and vendors to ensure strategic and creative needs are met. When presenting, she offers her rationale that went into the creative vision. Communication is a solid foundation of trust in every client relationship.  


Success starts with working together. Chey has worked with numerous stellar professionals in advertising agencies and corporations, establishing relationships throughout the industry. She is well-connected and works regularly with Copywriters, Marketing Specialists, Production, and Project Managers across many industries.


Each and every project is a top priority. Chey is devoted to her work and her clients, big and small, and will work around the clock until the job has met her clients expectations. Exploring visual, color, and typographical solutions are what lead to a strategic result. It’s a level of dedication that you can count on throughout the entire process.

Chey Ottoson Creative

Chey has been providing stellar creative, marketing, and branding services for over 25 years. Her experience working at large advertising agencies and corporations allowed her to gain experience in a multitude of industries and services. Chey has a great affinity for typography. She enjoys the challenge of intermixing different fonts and marrying them in an unexpected way that is visually beautiful. Type plays an integral role with marketing materials, especially if there is a lot of information to convey. The importance of creating a typographical hierarchy and compartmentalizing copy-heavy material allows the consumer digest pertinent information in a logical manner.